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Ode to the Slug

I walked down my dimly lit pathway to the mailbox. A fresh rain glistened across the concrete where I walked, while the crunch of winter’s last leaves beneath my feet permeated the sound of the cool night’s air. I drew in a deep breath and marveled at the smell of fresh rain. And Spring! 

Spring is in the air! 

On the way back to the house, I could see my path of destruction and their tiny, lifeless shadows of despair. Squashed slug carcasses, already dead or slithering close to death, were everywhere! It was then that I realized I hadn’t been stepping on winter’s last leaves at all. 

I stopped and inspected the bottom of my Ugg’s, confirming my suspicions. My soles were adorned with thin shells, mollusk guts and mucus. I had killed the snails. And, the mere presence and proliferation of the California slug can only mean one thing.  Spring has most certainly sprung in SoCal along with the reminder to be careful where I walk.  #odetotheslug #californiaslug #mollusk

Author's ThoughtsTonia Gould